HR Minister Reminds M'sians Already Have The Right To Ask For Flexible Work Arrangements

Turns out the Malaysian government beat Singapore to it.

Cover image via FMT & Steven Sim Chee Keong 沈志强 (Facebook)

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Employees in Malaysia have had the right to ask for flexible work arrangements (FWAs) since September 2022, as highlighted by Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong yesterday, 17 April

Sim shared this in response to new tripartite guidelines for Singapore employees, which allow them to request four-day work weeks, more work-from-home (WFH) days, and staggered work timings.

The minister posted a photo on X, formerly Twitter, highlighting PART XIIC of the Employment Act 1955, which includes Section 60P and Section 60Q, and covers provisions and applications for FWAs.

Here's a breakdown of the information:

Malaysian employees' right to formally request FWAs from their employers includes:
- Flexible hours
- Flexible workdays
- Flexible work location, such as the option to work from home, etc.

In contrast, Singapore employees also have the right to request four-day work weeks.

Sim explained that employees must submit their requests in writing

"Employers must provide feedback within 60 days, and if rejected, reasons for the rejection must be given," the minister wrote, adding that his ministry aims to support employee wellbeing, skills development, and overall economic competitiveness through these provisions in the Employment Act.

This right, however, has caveats

While employees can request FWAs under Section 60P, it's not an absolute right. The final decision depends on your employment contract terms.

The law doesn't compel companies to provide FWAs as a basic right, but it allows employees to request them if their contract doesn't explicitly prohibit them and if they have a genuine need for flexible work hours.

Additionally, working hours for employees have also been reduced from 48 hours to 45 hours per week since September 2022:

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