Need To Poop In S'pore? There's An Instagram That Compiles A List Of Toilets With Bidets

The admin even listed out all the places on Google Maps.

Cover image via @toiletswithbidetsg (Instagram) & Wayfair

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There's nothing worse than a toilet with no bidet. Honestly, I don't know how people live without washing their butts after pooping.

IDC what you say, ya dirty. :B

Fortunately, if you're planning a trip to Singapore soon, there's an Instagram account dedicated to showing you where all the toilets with bidets are located across the country. 

So, your sorry little butt won't have to solely rely on thin sheets of toilet paper that barely clean.

Image via AliExpress

If you didn't already know, Singapore doesn't install bidets in every single toilet. However, you can find some in various toilets around the country.

The account handle we owe our lives to is @toiletswithbidetsg, which name speaks for itself

The account showcases pictures submitted by followers who have spotted bidet-equipped toilets across Singapore's various regions. 

They captured spots like specific MRT stations, malls, and institutions.

One recent submission even featured unique bidets located next to male urinals in Bedok.

We stan a clean man.

To make it easier to find, the admin went ahead and listed out each toilet that has a bidet on Google Maps:

Image via Google Maps

And as if that's not enough, she also listed out all of the places on a Google sheet.

Based on the data, approximately 183 toilets in Singapore have been confirmed to have bidets.

In a podcast interview, the woman who runs the account shared that the best toilet is none other than the one in Jewel Changi Airport.

The help we never knew we needed. Truly.

Image via Tenor

Follow her Instagram account here.

If you can't live without a bidet, here are some alternatives for travelling:

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