Woman Shares What To Do When There's No Bidet In A Public Toilet


Cover image via @desmondcathabel (TikTok)

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One of the best inventions mankind has created is possibly the bidet.

So it can be infinitely frustrating when you're done with your 'business' only to find out that there's... no bidet in a public toilet.

Image via Allure (edited)

In a viral TikTok earlier this month, one woman shared a PSA on how you can prep for it when this happens.

If you're already familiar with this method, then good for you. This is for those who have struggled way too many times.

TikTok user @desmondcathabel shares that all you need is to carry a collapsible water bottle.

Preferably the type with the squeezy spout on top.

Having moved to the UK from Indonesia, she explained that bidets are not as common so this has been a lifesaver.

Just fill up the bottle in the sink, and once you're done pooping or peeing, you can "wash your hoo-has and your ass" with the water

Though you can get actual portable bidet bottles online, she adds that the best part about using a collapsible bottle is that it's foldable

So it's easy to pop into a bag or even your pocket!

Her video has since received over 4,600 likes and 200 comments, as many thanked her for sharing this PSA

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

You can watch the full video here:


a PSA for my fellow arse-washing people (also can you please tell me if the caption is working or not on this one?) #fyp #portablebidet

original sound - DESMONDA - DESMONDA

Wanna make your home a smart one? Get a toilet bowl bidet attachment or add other smart features with these online gadgets:

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