This Electric Portable Bidet Is Perfect For Travellers 'Cause Toilet Paper Is Never Enough

Also useful for the elderly, disabled, and pregnant women.

Cover image via Shopee

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The absence of bidets in public washrooms can be particularly challenging for Asians, especially while travelling to countries where they are not commonly used

But that could all change with this device.

Say goodbye to only using toilet paper to wipe up your sh*t.

This electric portable bidet is the device you never asked for but needed.

Image via Shopee

The waterproof handheld device comes with two modes for water pressure (low and high) and a nozzle that can be adjusted up to 180ΒΊ, making it easy to manoeuvre into different positions.

To avoid using up all the water at one-go, the device comes with a 60-second intelligent control, and it also includes a replacement nozzle.

Operated with batteries, the device requires two triple AAA batteries, which are not included in the package.

Here's a video of the product as shown by one customer:

The best part is that it's compact enough to slip into your bag and carry wherever you go

One reviewer mentioned that it can fill up to 140ml worth of water.

There are three colours available: white, green, and pink.

Image via Shopee

When folded, it's about the length of a MILO 3-in-1 packet:

Image via Shopee

The portable bidet costs around RM55 each. A small price to pay for a clean butt.

You can buy it here on Shopee or Lazada.

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