[PHOTOS] This Rat Was Publicly Shamed For Trying To Steal Some Rice

Public humiliation doesn't only apply to humans in the country.

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In a bizarre incident, a rat was tied up to the back of trolley and "shamed" after it was caught stealing rice from a convenience store in China

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Pictures of the ill-fated rodent were spotted on Chinese microblogging platform weibo and have since gone viral.

It was caught by the man who runs the shop in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province.

A yellow note was also hung around the animal’s neck which was written in the rat's voice: β€œEven if you beat me to death, I will never admit that I stole your rice."

Image via weibo

The photos were posted by a user with the handle "jiu lian shan she zhang." The man didn't expect the pictures would draw so much attention on social media.

In the second picture, a different message was written on the note which implied the rat had changed its stance following what is assumed to be a period of physical torture

Image via weibo

The photo reads: "I swear I'll never do it again!"

It is not known if the rat survived its ordeal.

Back in January 2016, man and woman from China filmed themselves tying up a defenseless mouse and 'interrogating it' for allegedly stealing bananas

Image via Metro

In the bizarre video, the mouse was bound by its legs while the couple from Chengdu asked if it enjoyed eating bananas and whether it had any accomplices.

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