Popular Clothing Store In Klang Receives Backlash For Discriminating Job Vacancy Ad

The brand has since apologised for the advertisement.

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Popular apparel brand Kitschen has recently received backlash for putting up a discriminating job vacancy advertisement

On 4 August, Facebook user Shambavi Shankar shared how she spotted the advertisement at Kitschen in Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

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The job vacancy notice blatantly requested for "Malay and Chinese" applicants who are above 18 years old

Shambavi wrote that she immediately walked into the store to confront the staff.

"Dear @kitschen, I hope there is a sound explanation for this. Being a regular customer, I confronted the staff and asked her about the notice, to which she replied, 'Isn't it better to inform the Indians on a notice outside rather than wasting their time, walking inside and applying'," she wrote.

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Many people began questioning and tagging the company in the comments section

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Kitschen has since replied to the Facebook post apologising and explaining that the advertisement did not follow company policy

The company wrote that they "do not discriminate against any race" and it is evident in the number of Indian staff who work at their headquarters. 

"We are truly sorry for this incident and we take full responsibility of it," the statement read.

One person also attested to the statement about Kitschen hiring Indian staff

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Kitschen also explained to customers that they are currently investigating the matter

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You can read the full post here:

It was announced earlier this year that those who put up rental discrimination advertisements may be subject to a new law:

Meanwhile, there have been several other past cases of discrimination in Malaysia: