Popular Spanish Froyo Chain llaollao Shuts Down All Outlets In Singapore

It is being replaced by a new European froyo brand.

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Bad news for fans of Llaollao in Singapore. The Spanish frozen yoghurt chain is shutting all its outlets starting today, 7 December.

llaollao's Singapore franchisor D+1 Holding has terminated its contract with the Spanish froyo chain, according to a report in Channel NewsAsia.

D+1 Holding did not reveal its reasons for ceasing operations for llaollao, which has been in the country for four years.

All 29 llaollao outlets islandwide are no longer in operation.

Another European froyo brand called Yole is taking its place

D+1 Holding said that they have obtained the rights to Yole (pronounced as yo-lay).

The European froyo brand's Singapore Facebook page has been up since 5 December and has been updating the feed with photos of its products.

By 9 December 2017, all 29 llaollao outlets in Singapore will be converted to Yole.

It's getting closer, three more days to go! 😉

Posted by Yole Singapore on Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A spokesperson of the company believes that Yole is a "better product" that will be a fit for Singapore

"Objectively, we believe Yole is a better product and has a wider menu. We also firmly believe that Yole will suit the Singapore market with exciting flavour innovations and well-known toppings from Spain and Italy," the spokesperson was quoted as saying by Channel NewsAsia.

Apart from its wide selection of toppings, Yole will be introducing new frozen yoghurt flavours made with ingredients sourced from Italy and Spain on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It will also be serving natural frozen yoghurt as well as a coconut soft-serve ice cream. Prices range from SGD2.50 to SGD6.95 for tubs and smoothies.

The news of llaollao's closure has left its fans in Singapore feeling sad

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What about llaollao in Malaysia?

Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holding, told SAYS that Malaysian fans have nothing to be worried about. "It's status quo for us."


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