Pos Malaysia Wants To Hire Someone For RM1,300 And People Can't Stop Talking About It

There are supporters on both sides of the story.

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Pos Malaysia's recent job advertisement offering a RM1,300 salary package for postmen, couriers, and drivers has caused a heated debate among netizens

The ad, which was uploaded on Friday, 10 August, offers benefits such as:

- A stable job,
- EPF, SOCSO, and bonuses (for those eligible),
- Uniforms, and
- Accessible medical treatments.

However, some netizens called out the company for offering too low a salary for the amount of work required

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Others claimed that even cleaners and McDonald's delivery guys earn more than RM1,300 monthly

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On the flip side, several people said that the salary amount was reasonable as the job does not require high qualifications

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One user tweeted that low starting salaries are an existing issue for degree holders, let alone high school graduates.

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At the time of writing, Pos Malaysia has not responded to any of the comments made.

In 2017, 29 postmen resigned to look for better-paying jobs as their RM1,400 salary was not enough to make ends meet

China Press reported that residents in Cheras made this discovery after wondering why they had not received any of their letters or invoices for two months.

It was reported that those 29 postmen were expected to deliver mail to approximately 100,000 households daily, five days a week.

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