Prasarana Investigates Video Of 'Staff' Allegedly Slapping A Man For Stealing Cup Noodles

"We take the allegation that the offender is a Prasarana staff seriously based on the uniform worn in the video," the company said.

Cover image via Inforoadblock (Facebook)

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Prasarana Malaysia Bhd is investigating two recent videos showing a man in their company's uniform assaulting an individual at a convenience store in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

In a statement on Tuesday, 29 March, the public transportation company assured that they have launched an immediate investigation into the incident.

"We take the allegation that the offender is a Prasarana staff seriously based on the uniform worn in the video," they said.

They also asserted that the offender's behaviour is contrary to the company's code of work ethic.

"Prasarana also apologises for this incident and assures that appropriate follow-up action will be taken to ensure that such things will not happen again in the future," they said.

According to the two short videos of the incident, it is believed the assault victim ate two cups of instant noodles in a 7-Eleven store without paying for it

An auxiliary policeman and a man — in the recognisable red-coloured Prasarana uniform — are then seen roughing up and berating the man for the crime, with the latter purportedly slapping the victim twice in the back of the head.

Although the video does not catch the physical assault, two slapping sounds are heard after the man in the uniform is seen swinging his hand as the victim falls forward.

The victim can be heard begging as the two men insist that he pay for the food.

The police have also initiated an investigation into the assault and have recorded statements from three witnesses

"Preliminary investigations found that no assault occurred, however, a detailed investigation is ongoing," said Cheras district police chief ACP Muhammad Idzam Jaafar in a statement on Wednesday, 30 March, as quoted by Free Malaysia Today.

He said the auxiliary police officer has also lodged a police report denying that any assault took place.

Muhammad Idzam urged those with information regarding the incident to come forward and contact the Cheras district police department at +603-92845050 or the Kuala Lumpur police hotline at +603-21159999.

Prasarana has also encouraged those with information to call them at +603-78852585 or e-mail them at [email protected]

Watch footage of the incident from the 0:44 minute mark:

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