"5/5 Infinity Sh-t" – YouTuber Threatened With Legal Suit After Review Of 'Gadis Jolobu'

The producer of the movie 'Gadis Jolobu' threatened to sue a Youtuber, Zhafvlog, for giving it a bad review and slandering the movie on Twitter.

Cover image via Cinema Online & @zhafvlog (Twitter)

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The producer of a local film is looking to take legal action against YouTuber Zhaf, owner of the channel Zhafvlog, who posted an honest bad review of the movie on Twitter

The content creator is known for his unhinged reviews and unique rating system of ranking movies from "5/5 Infinity Sh-t" to "5/5 Infinity Stars". 

Last Saturday, 6 August, he shared an honest critique of Gadis Jolobu, which was just released two days before, saying, "This movie is embarrassing the people of Negeri Sembilan," after rating it 5/5 Infinity Sh-t.

"The plot is a mess, and where is the humour?" he commented on the comedy film.

He also sarcastically suggested the director of the movie quit making films as he felt scammed by the movie poster.

He noted, "The poster looks good, but the movie was awful!" 

The movie has dirty jokes that could tarnish the reputation of the local film industry, said Zhaf in the same thread

He was disappointed that no one cared to call out the misconduct during the making of the film.

In the tweet, he said, "The lewd scenes are humiliating. Was there really no one bothered to call this out?"

Many netizens agreed with his verdict on the local comedy film

A Twitter user commented on the trailer of the movie, saying, "Even the trailer is making me cringe."

Another person questioned the LPF when they said, ironically, "Movies like this can pass the censorship board easily. Unlike foreign films that have to go through layers of censorship."

"As someone who comes from Negeri Sembilan, I am embarrassed. But yes, they better stop producing movies like this," said another netizen. 

Image via Twitter

Netizens also pointed out the similarity of the Gadis Jolobu poster with Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.

"The poster of this movie reminds me of the Neighbors 2 movie," tweeted a user.

Image via Twitter
Image via Cinema Online

The tweets came to the movie producer's attention, who thought that his criticism was harsh and vulgar

According to Berita Harian, the co-founder and executive producer of Zebra Studio, Saraleana Nattaya Azmi, said that she and her lawyer had discussed taking legal action against the YouTuber.

The producer questioned Zhaf's credibility, saying, "I don't even know who the YouTuber is. Does he have any qualifications to critique films?"

She added that she might consider her critic's suggestions if he is qualified or knowledgeable in filmmaking.

"However, his choice of words doesn't reflect an educated person, so CL Hor (the film's director) and I have the right to protect the work we produced," she added.

'Gadis Jolobu' producer, Saraleana Nattaya Azmi.

Image via Harian Metro

Saraleana also denies the allegations of pornographic elements and plagiarism in the film

She said that the film does not contain any obscene scenes since it passed the LPF.

"It (the poster) is part of a creative process that has nothing to do with copyright," added the producer when addressing the similarity between the film's poster and the poster of Hollywood's Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.

Saraleana also acknowledged that there are directors who take inspiration from other films and insisted that they are not plagiarising.

Last month, another content creator was threatened with getting sued by a restaurant owner for giving them a bad review:

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