Restaurant Threatens To Take Legal Action Against TikToker For Food Review

Restaurant review gone sideways.

Cover image via TikTok/SAYS

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A TikTok food reviewer, who wishes to be anonymous, was recently threatened by a restaurant he had previously reviewed

Even though, he has done numerous food reviews on his page, it was clear this particular restaurant specialising in buffets did not sit well with his review.

In response to this, he made a TikTok to detail the reasons for their actions and his thoughts on the matter.

Image via TikTok/SAYS

According to the TikToker, he was invited by the restaurant on WhatsApp to do a paid review of their food

Despite the invitation and the discussion of payment, he made it clear to the restaurant that he would only give his honest review. No sugarcoating of his words. 

Once the representative agreed, he went ahead and visited the restaurant to do his job.

He reveals in the video that the food tasted decent and the atmosphere of the restaurant was cosy

Speaking with SAYS, the TikToker said that he did a fair and rather positive review on the restaurant. It just wasn't a totally positive rating.

The only negative thing he mentioned was that the food variety in the restaurant was limited and did not justify the price.

The restaurant also allegedly requested him to edit in a clip of their restaurant being fully-occupied even though it was said to be completely empty. The TikToker refused.

Image via TikTok/SAYS

He delivered the video as promised, but the restaurant couldn't accept it

When he was finished with the video draft, the TikToker sent it to the restuarant's representative for review. When he received no reply from the restaurant's side, it was posted anyway on his food review TikTok page. That was when the problems started.

The representative of the restaurant communicating with him started to threaten him with legal action if he did not take his review down at once. Not wanting to escalate the issue, he has 'privated' the said video and so can no longer be seen by the public.

No communication has reportedly been made between the two parties since.

"What's the point of a review if it isn't transparent?"

Despite feeling shaken by the whole fiasco, the TikToker said the incident will not deter him from doing what he does in his videos.

He related that he has been doing honest reviews of restaurants since day one on TikTok and will continue doing so. Even if he is paid to do a review, he will still give a true review as he does not want to betray the trust of his followers.

In the explanation video, many followers thanked him for being authentic in his content

Despite his honesty becoming the catalyst of this issue, his followers were quick to show their support.

Image via TikTok/SAYS

Many mentioned that they liked his page because of his honesty.

Image via TikTok/SAYS

As for the restaurant that threatened him with legal action, SAYS has reached out to them for a comment but has yet to receive a response.

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