PSA: Be Careful Of Online Cooking Oil Scams

If it sounds too good to be true, it's most likely a scam.

Cover image via Nabalu News & The Economic Times

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Recently, scammers have devised another nefarious scheme by selling bags of cooking oil online

The Domestic Trade and Costs of Living Ministry (KPDN) has cautioned consumers about potential scams involving the online sale of cooking oil packaged in 1kg polybags.

In an official statement, the ministry said it had received numerous complaints from individuals who fell victim to the scam, which involves buying cooking oil from online sources such as social media or e-commerce platforms.

The ministry has formed a special unit to combat these unlawful activities

In the statement, KPDN Chief Enforcement Director Datuk Azman Adam announced that the ministry has been actively monitoring the online sale of cooking oil. A special unit, he added, has been established within the enforcement division to specifically monitor and analyse data related to the sale of cooking oil online for the purpose of enforcement.

Here's how the scam works:

Image via The Sun

The cooking oil sales scam operates by deceiving victims through social media platforms or online marketplaces. Syndicates have been found engaging in the fraudulent practice of selling cooking oil, using enticing advertisements that offer prices lower than the market rates, capitalising on the high demand for the product.

KPDN is also working with online marketplaces to curb these activities

This effort has resulted in the removal of a total of 198 advertisements related to the online sale of regulated cooking oil items.

KPDN also issued a strong warning to all parties engaged in the trade of controlled and subsidised goods, particularly cooking oil, emphasising the importance of compliance with the law. The ministry said it would not tolerate any entity found involved in the unauthorised sale or misappropriation of controlled and subsidised goods, whether through online platforms or otherwise.

KPDN also urges consumers to be cautious and report suspicious activities

Consumers can play a role in combatting this scam by reporting any suspicious activity online or offline. You can contact KPDN through these channels:

- Send a WhatsApp message to 019-279 8000
- E-Complaint Portal
- Consumer Complaints Call Centre @ 1-800-886-800
- EZ ADU KPDN Smartphone Application

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