Good News: Petron Is No Longer Deducting RM200 From All Debit Cards

It is the first petrol chain in Malaysia to do this.

Cover image via Petron & iMoney

When you pump petrol and swipe with your debit card, some banks temporarily deduct RM200 from your account – but that is no longer the case with Petron

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In collaboration with Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet), Petron is accepting all payments from debit cards without the pre-authorisation hold.

It the first petrol chain in Malaysia to implement this MyDebit card scheme, as announced in a statement on Thursday, 16 January.

From now on, Petron customers who refuel using their ATM cards will not face any extra "deductions" other than the amount they keyed in

22 banks are partnering with MyDebit to remove this practice to make it more convenient for its customers.

Image via Petron

But what is the RM200 "deduction" for anyway?

It is simply to verify that your account is active and has sufficient funds to pay for petrol. And the amount is returned to your debit card within a couple of days or hours.

Although a couple of banks have since removed it from their system, there are still several that practise this at petrol stations in Malaysia.

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The petrol chain seems to be one step ahead even with its crime prevention methods:

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