PSA: You Can Renew Your Malaysian Passport Online With This Simple System

No more long queues!

Cover image via Yusof Mat Isa for Malay Mail/Ying Wen on Foursquare/Edited by SAYS

Immigration director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said yesterday, 7 November, that the department's online passport renewal system was underutilised

In the Bernama report, Mustafar said that since 'My Online Passport' was launched two years ago, only 9,178 applications had been made through the system.

"The My Online Passport system is very convenient because applicants do not have to queue at the counter to renew their passports. In fact, they can select the branch where they wish to pick their passport from as well as the mode of payment either via debit or credit card," he said.

So how does it work?

All you need to do is head to My Online Passport's webpage, key in the details needed, pay the fee, then wait for the day to collect the passport at your chosen location.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the service:

1. Who can renew their passport through the service?

You need to be aged 13 years old and above and already be a holder of the e-passport (passport with chip).

For applicants between the ages of 13 to 17 years, a legal guardian - who has given prior consent during previous applications - will need to make the application.

2. What about my passport photo?

The photo has to be a softcopy that will be uploaded to the system during the application process.

If there is a problem with your photo, you will be required to take a new one when collecting your passport. Unless you're pretty sure you can DIY it, save yourself some trouble and get it taken professionally. 

The requirements for passport photos are really strict:
- It has to be 50mm x 35mm (height x width).
- Within the photo, there has to be a 10mm gap between the top of the frame and your head and your chin has to be 10mm away from the bottom of the frame.
- The background has to be white-coloured.
- All articles of clothing worn should be dark-coloured for the photo, though all forms of head coverings should preferably be black-coloured.

3. Can the passport be collected at any office that issues Malaysian passports?

No. There are only 36 locations available to choose from as your collection point.

Here's a look at all the available locations, taken from the dropdown menu of the form:

4. What about the fees and payment? Free ah?

The fee for passport renewals are RM200 for normal applicants (13- to 59-year-olds) and RM100 for senior citizens. 

Payment is made via credit cards or direct debit. A receipt will be given after payment is made, which also has the collection date and time.

5. What should I bring when I collect my passport?

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via The Malaysian Insight

Bring along:
- Your identification card (MyKad),
- Existing passport, and
- The receipt.

A representative cannot be appointed to collect the passport on your behalf. As for those 17 years and under, the guardian has to collect the passport as well.

Hopefully this helps reduce the long lines at Immigration offices! Have you tried applying for a passport online? Share your experience in the comments!

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