Man Addicted To Playing PUBG Beheaded Father Because He Couldn't Top Up His Internet

He was reportedly addicted to drugs.

Cover image via Deccan Herald & BGR

A 21 year-old gamer from Belagavi, India allegedly beheaded his father because of a mobile game

According to The New Indian Express, Raghuveer Kumbhar was a polytechnic student who was failing his exams due to the fact that he was addicted to drugs and playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Image via Deccan Herald

On Sunday, 8 September, Raghuveer reportedly asked his father, a 61-year-old retired police officer, for money to reactivate his mobile Internet.

However, his father refused.

Raghuveer created a ruckus and broke the window panes of his neighbour's house.

His neighbours then reported him to the police.

He was brought to Kakati police station but was let off with a warning, and his father brought him home.

At 5am on Monday, 9 September, Shankar found the 21-year-old playing PUBG and they began to argue

Image via Moneycontrol

After his phone was snatched from him, Raghuveer attacked his father in a fit of rage. He locked the room where his mother was sleeping and proceeded to behead his father with a sickle.

He then chopped his father's leg off with a sharp cutter.

When the police arrived at the family home, Raghuveer allegedly asked them to wait as he was not done cutting up the body

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Siva Reddy told The New Indian Express that the suspect was addicted to playing games, especially PUBG on his mobile phone.

A case has since been registered at Kakati police station in Belagavi.

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