While You’re Working A 9-To-5, These Cats In Singapore Are Living The ‘Atas’ Life

It's purr-fect!

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We've all heard of pet hotels but there’s none quite like The Purrfection Suites in Singapore. This is THE ultimate luxury getaway destination for fussy felines.

A cat having his play time at the Purrfection Suites.

Image via Koh Mui Fong/Today Online

A cat resting in the The Royal Feline Sutie at the Purrfection Suites.

Image via Koh Mui Fong/Today Online

A cat walking out from The Imperial Feline Suite while the other cat from the Cabin Feline Suites look on.

Image via Koh Mui Fong/Today Online

We're talking about these cats getting pumped-in purified air and using Swarovski crystal dining bowls that cost up to SGD225 each — that's about RM676 each!

It is said that purified air is pumped into every room at the Purrfections Suites.

Besides that, classical music is played through the Sensurround system to help stressed cats unwind.

Other features found at the Purrfection Suites include chandeliers, Roberto Cavalli wallpaper and designer beds.

Apart from lodgings, the hotel offers grooming and spa services at additional cost. It plans to introduce "in-room dining" featuring homecooked food.

Featuring 14 rooms, the Purrfection Suites is an extension of The Wagington, Singapore's first five-star dog hotel

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Set in a 1920s bungalow, the unusual establishment offers your four-legged friend 4,317 square-feet of comfortable spaces, including 27 air-conditioned rooms of various sizes.

Of these, the Royal Suite is perhaps the most impressive: the 96-square-foot room can accommodate five or seven dogs (depending on their size) and even features a chandelier and a television

The Wagington owner Estelle Tayler said that since the opening of the dog hotel in 2014, cat owners have clamoured for a similar style of upmarket lodging for their pets.

"We decided to make a wing dedicated just for our feline friends, with its own private entrance," Tayler said.

It costs about SGD39 (RM117) per cat for a one night cabin suite and SGD79 (RM237) for the Royal Feline Suite, a bigger room that can accommodate up to six furry felines

Lawyer Jolene Lim, 26, checked her seven-month-old Persian cat into a cabin suite for five nights when she went on holiday this month.

"For many people, their pets are like their children. I definitely want to give her the best and whatever makes her comfortable," Lim told AFP.

"If I'm going off on a holiday and having fun, I want her to feel comfortable and have fun and be at ease as well."

Honestly, we're pretty jealous of our furry friends!

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