Rapid KL Calls Out 2 Train Commuters Seen Eating Cup Instant Noodles On The MRT

Following the incident, a Rapid KL representative shed some light on why people should abide by the rules on public transport.

Cover image via Yusof Mat Isa/Malay Mail & RapidKL (Facebook)

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Rapid KL recently called out two passengers for eating cup instant noodles on an MRT train

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, 19 July, Rapid KL said it saw the two passengers also taking their masks off to eat on the train and not putting them back on, despite finishing their meal later.

"We have never provided hot water for passengers to eat instant noodles in our trains," the company added.

They highlighted the fact that they prohibit eating and drinking whilst riding on their trains is in order not to inconvenience the other passengers.

Some netizens were amused by the two passengers' behaviour and decided to offer their own theories as to why they believe the two individuals broke the rules

One user said sarcastically, "Oh no, they are new to this world."

Image via Facebook

"Maybe they were really hungry because they had to take the stairs, and the lift and escalator were not working. After that, they had to wait a long time for the train to arrive. So, they ate and drank after that. Just maybe," another person speculated.

Image via Facebook

Others questioned the authorities for not taking action immediately against the two passengers who clearly broke the rules

One user wrote, "This shows that Rapid KL authorities are not monitoring the public before they alight the train. Why were they not noticed bringing food onto the train and not wearing masks? Isn't that the government's SOP?"

Image via Facebook

Another user said that the two passengers should have been fined.

They wrote, "What's the use of the auxiliary police? What's the use of having laws when they are not enforced? Just fine them. Be more strict."

Image via Facebook

A representative of Rapid KL provided some context as to why the two passengers were not reprimanded on sight

Speaking with SAYS, the representative mentioned that the reason the two passengers were not confronted was due to the incident happening approximately two days ago.

Since the incident had already happened, they decided to bring awareness to the situation instead, and remind others to always follow the rules and regulations on all Rapid KL public transportation. 

If people saw that they would be called out on their bad behaviour, it would hopefully discourage others from breaking the rules. 

He urged passengers to always follow the rules set by Rapid KL authorities

He explained that the reason why food and drinks are prohibited on public transportation is because if the vehicle made a sudden stop or if a passenger were to lose their balance whilst holding the food or drink, the items could cause a huge mess.

Strong-smelling food and drinks could also be bothersome to other passengers who are in the vicinity.

He warned passengers that they may be slapped with a hefty fine if they break any rules. Not only on the MRT, but on any other modes of Rapid KL public transportation. 

Best to follow the rules if you want to stay out of trouble everyone

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