Rapid KL Apologises After Video Of A Stray Dog Taking An LRT Ride Causes Uproar

Netizens initially thought the dog was brought on the train by another commuter.

Cover image via New Straits Times/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd released a statement on Tuesday, 13 August, apologising for a recent incident of a stray dog taking a ride on its LRT train

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"Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd would like to apologise for the anxiety and the inconvenience caused to our customers earlier today (13 August) when a stray dog managed to get into our station and boarded the train at LRT Miharja Station," the statement read.

Rapid Rail explained that its LRT Miharja Station is an 'at-grade' station, meaning that it is on the same level, which makes it accessible to strays and other animals.

In a video of the incident, a stray dog can be seen obediently sitting close to one of the train's doors

A man dressed in purple and carrying a crutch is seen trying to chase the stray away by tapping the crutch on the floor, but the dog does not budge.

One of the earliest postings of the video had over 160 shares and 175 comments.

Several netizens had reacted in anger over the video, with some believing that the dog was someone's pet.

"How stupid are these people to bring their dogs on the train," one netizen accused.

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Another netizen joked that they will bring a cow on the LRT next.

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Rapid Rail clarified that the dog was a stray that had boarded the train, and that its auxiliary police (AP) had been around to handle the situation

"Our Auxiliary Police ('AP') detected the stray immediately upon its intrusion of the platform. Unfortunately, before the stray could be removed, it managed to scamper into the train that arrived at the station at 8.24am," the statement explained.

"The AP followed the stray on-board and quietly observed it the entire time it was on the train to avoid causing panic and commotion amongst our guests. Considering that it did not show any signs of aggressiveness, the AP decided to get the stray out at LRT Pandan Jaya station, another at-grade station, at 8.29am.

Rapid Rail added that the stray dog was "captured humanely" and released a safe distance away from its LRT stations.

These other dogs also found themselves in the unlikeliest of places:

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