Banglasia Ringgit, ‘Clown-Faced’ DPM And Other M’sian Memes Of 1.5 Mil Bangladeshis

1.5 million Bangladeshis are coming to Malaysia for work.

Cover image via Kerajaan Rakyat Twitter

The Malaysian government is bringing in 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers to fulfill the demands of the market, according to DPM Dato' Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

As a response to the mass import of workers, Malaysians created their own memes and photos to make sure their views were not missed...

1. "Banglasia"

2. The Boeing math question

Image via Facebook

3. Over-crowded trains in Bangladesh turn into planes...

4. Local rights activist Fahmi Reza came up with a 'clown-faced' poster of the DPM

Image via Fahmi Reza

5. Who's at fault?

Image via Facebook

6. Could this be a serious quesiton for us to think about?

7. The Big Bro, "aBang"

8. A sequel…?

Image via Facebook

The artist of the comic above, Zunar, has taken down the image from his social media accounts after getting the public's feedback.

9. Will there be a new opening in the cabinet?

It seems like Malaysians really love using their creativity to express themselves:

The news bringing in 1.5 million Bangladeshis has caused an uproar in the country as Malaysians expressed shock and disappointment. Read on to understand the issue better: