Remember This Sunway Theme Park Staff? Her Honesty Has Finally Been Rewarded

Good things happen to those who do good deeds.

Cover image via Sunway Lagoon & Malaysia

Last week on Friday, 25 March, we told you about a 58-year-old Aunty Paruvathy of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and about her remarkable sense of integrity and why it must be celebrated

Paruvathy, whose monthly salary is less than RM1,500, works as a sweeper and cleaner at the Sunway theme park for 12 hours a day

On Wednesday, 23 March, she stumbled upon a bag containing nearly RM10,000; seven times more than her monthly salary. According to a report in The Malay Mail, the bag contained RM1,850, 7,244 Saudi Riyal (RM7,778) and three passports.

After she found the bag, she approached other tourists nearby and asked if they knew the owner of the bag. "I suspected it belonged to an Arab because I saw a keychain that looked like it had Arabic writing on it," she told The Malay Mail.

After failing to find the owner of the bag, she submitted it to the Lost & Found counter.

Moreover, Paruvathy, who considers Sunway Lagoon her second home, has herself advised the management to install CCTV surveillance in the area where she found the bag as it has no CCTV

Paruvathy shows the bench where the bag of money was found.

Image via Zuraneeza Zulkifli/The Malay Mail

She believes honesty is the best policy, no matter the temptation.

While speaking to The Malay Mail, Paruvathy said she would not only have lost the trust of tourists but also Sunway Group founder and chairman Jeffrey Cheah and the management of the theme park if she had taken the money.

"My aim is to make sure Sunway Lagoon a great tourist attraction where visitors can have plenty of fun," The Malay Mail quoted her as saying. She added that if the tourist gave her the money as a reward, she "would accept it because it’s a generous gift. I will not reject such offers, but it’s unethical to take the money without their knowledge."

Several on social media called on Sunway Lagoon to recognise Aunty Paruvathy's act of honesty and to reward her for it, and while she wasn't expecting any kind of reward, only hoped that her kind deeds would inspire others to do the same − they did reward her

Aunty Paruvathy was rewarded with a cheque and a gift hamper in a personalised appreciation ceremony by Sunway Lagoon, which was presented to her by Razman, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group for being a ‘real life hero’.

Truly, good things happen to those who do good deeds! Check out the full story about her honesty, here:

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