Judges At The High Court Complex In KL Have Been Cleaning Their Own Toilets

Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum has mobilised the KL judges to clean court toilets.

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For several weeks now, judges at the High Court complex in Kuala Lumpur have been cleaning their own dirty toilets due to a strike by the cleaners who claim they are not being paid by the contractor

According to a report in The Star Online, dated 28 July, the cleaners have reportedly been on strike since the fasting month, claiming they have not been paid.

However, it was reported that the contractor has been paid by the Government in advance and that the cleaning service was supposed to last for the entire year.

The situation at the High Court complex is reportedly so bad that the newly appointed Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum has organised a mass volunteering session for Sunday, 29 July

Apparently, the situation at the complex has been this deplorable since before the new Chief Justice took the post. Now, he is requesting all court staff and judges to be present on Sunday for a good clean-up of the High Court complex.

According to a senior lawyer interviewed by The Star Online, the state of cleanliness at all levels of the High Court complex is so deplorable that "the stench .. well it attacks the senses way before the sight of it does."

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Some of the High Court staff have even taken to social media to post how they are doing "cleaners' job" now, the English daily said

A High Court judge, whom The Star Online interviewed, said that she has been "washing my (own) washroom", adding that it would something hard to imagine her cleaning her toilet at the court when she hasn't "had to do it since years ago at home."

Now, the High Court judge is reportedly planning to take her housemaid to the court complex to get her to clean her chambers, her court and the washroom.

"I will need to pay my maid extra for this," she was reported as saying by the Star Online, adding that the current situation was entirely undesirable.

There is no word on the strike situation imposed by the cleaners as to when it will be over. Till then, the judges and their staff not only have documents and papers to go through but also a dirty court.

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