Report Says Musa Aman, Wanted By PDRM And MACC, Is No Longer In The Country

His former associates and aides are not aware of his whereabouts.

Cover image via NST Online

Sabah BN chairman Musa Aman, who is wanted by PDRM and MACC, has allegedly left Malaysia, according to The Star Online

In a report published on 26 May, The Star Online reported that the former Sabah chief minister is believed to have left for Brunei and Singapore en route to London.

His former associates and aides are not aware of his whereabouts.

Image via NST Online

Reportedly, Musa fled the country before his name was blacklisted

According to The Star Online, which quoted "highly-placed" sources in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), that while the anti-graft body had sought for Musa to be barred from leaving the country, he had managed to flee.

"We found out that he had gone overseas way before we applied for him to be blacklisted," the English daily quoted its highly-placed sourced as saying.

While PDRM is seeking Musa over an alleged criminal intimidation report lodged against him by Sabah Governor Juhar Mahi­ruddin, MACC is seeking the former Sabah CM as a part of a graft probe

Musa, who lost the mandate to be the Chief Minister, has maintained that he is still the rightful Chief Minister and had allegedly threatened the Yang di-Pertua Negeri.

Following which, the head of state lodged a police report against Musa.

Image via Bernama

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