News Reporter Abandons Live Broadcast To Save Young Girl From The Earthquake In Turkiye

After settling the crying girl down and comforting her, the reporter proceeds to resume his broadcast.

Cover image via @Reuters (Twitter)

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A journalist went above and beyond his duties while reporting about the devastating earthquakes in Turkiye to save a little girl

Yuksel Akalan, a journalist working with Turkish media outlet, A News, was reporting on the rescue efforts taking place after the first quake on Monday, 6 January.

CBS News reported that Akalan was in the middle of filming on the streets of Malatya, Turkiye, when his broadcast was cut short during the second earthquake.

A video published on Reuters' Twitter page shows Akalan, in a blue jacket and holding an A News mic, running while the ground shakes from beneath him. Sirens can be heard blaring in the background, and structures can be seen crashing on the ground.

"As we were heading to the rubble to film search and rescue efforts, there were two consecutive aftershocks with loud noise, and the building you are seeing on my left was brought down by the Earth," said Akalan in the video, according to Reuters.

"There was a lot of dust. A local resident is coming and he is covered with dust."

Akalan (right) walking through Malatya, Turkiye, moments before the second earthquake hit.

Image via CBS News (YouTube)

As he runs, the video then cuts to Akalan moving towards a young girl in tears, lifting her up and carrying her off the street

Along with the girl's mother and another boy, Akalan can be seen hurrying the trio away from danger. Picking the small girl up, he carries her to a nearby spot and places her down.

Akalan proceeds to wipe the child's face and comfort her, while telling her to remain calm, according to a video by The Telegraph.

Akalan then immediately resumes his broadcast.

Akalan comforting the girl after rescuing her.

Image via CBS News (YouTube)

The devastating earthquake that rocked Turkiye and Syria on Monday has been described as one of the deadliest natural catastrophes to have occurred in the 21st century

The 7.8 magnitude quake struck 23km east of Nurdagi in the Turkish Gaziantep province at a depth of over 24.1km at approximately 4.15am, according to the United Stated Geographical Survey (USGS).

Following the initial quake, a 6.7 magnitude aftershock came in the next 11 minutes, followed by a 7.5 magnitude aftershock nine hours later at about 1.24pm in the afternoon.

Over 8,000 people were killed and tens of thousands injured in the catastrophe as rescuers race against the clock to find survivors. According to the Turkish disaster agency, more than 5,700 buildings have collapsed due to the quakes.

A man standing amid rubble looks at the damage following an earthquake in Hatay, Turkiye.

Image via Umit Bektas/Reuters

Watch the full clip of Akalan's heroic actions below:

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