Retired Soldier Begins His Solo 284KM Walk From Kuantan To Putrajaya For A Change Of Govt

Nasri will walk about 70-80km a day and is expected to reach Putrajaya on Saturday, 28 April.

Retired military man Nasri Mat Jusoh is on a journey from Kuantan to Putrajaya by foot to protest the rising cost of living as well as to urge Malaysians to change the current government

According to Free Malaysia Today, Nasri began walking at 8.30am on Tuesday, 24 April and is expected to reach the capital city of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 28 April.

He started his 284km walk from a taxi stand near Darul Makmur Stadium in Kuantan after a simple flag-off ceremony blessed by his wife Hamimah Khadim and a few PKR members.

The 56-year-old stressed that no political party forced him to carry out his solo walk mission. He explained that he is doing it because he wants Malaysians make a change in the upcoming 14th General Election.

Image via Fuziah Salleh

"As a former soldier, I believe it is not wrong for me to go on this journey as it is for the betterment of the people," he was quoted saying by Sinar Harian.

Nasri told FMT, "We are all suffering with the rising cost of living, even retired soldiers like us.

"It is a shame that I've spent so many years of my life for my country only to be treated like this."

Nasri wants to prove that he can persist until the end and hope to inspire Malaysians to change the country together with him to achieve a better life.

Though his wife Hamimah Khadim did not support his idea initially, she eventually gave her blessing after she saw how serious he was

Hamimah, a fruitseller, said that the husband revealed his plans about two weeks ago, 15 April.

"We were sitting together at home and he suddenly told me he wanted to walk. When I asked him where to. He answered, 'Putrajaya'.

"Then I asked why Putrajaya, he told me he wanted to wave the PKR flag."

Hamimah said that her husband was previously a hardcore PAS supporter.

"But he's so disappointed with the country now and he told me that he wants the country to return to its glory days with Pakatan Harapan."

Hamimah is worried about her husband's safety but she believes that he can complete the challenge

Image via Sin Chew Daily

She said, "I've been in a mess ever since he left on Tuesday. I can’t sleep because I’m so worried about his safety. I want to wait for him in Putrajaya but I don’t know how to drive and unsure who to ask for help."

However, she revealed that her husband has been training for the past few weeks and is at his best physical form right now.

She concluded, "I believe he can complete the challenge and we are all very proud of him."

All the best, Nasri Mat Jusoh!

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