Sarawak Teenager Studies For SPM Every Day Even Though She Cannot Afford To Go To School

"She really wants to go to school. She wants to learn."

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A teenager in Kuching, Sarawak is garnering attention on social media after a social worker's Twitter thread on her plight went viral

"Please share. Please make this viral and help them," she wrote.

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Asfaridah's tweet, which was posted on 20 July, garnered over 14,700 retweets at the time of writing.

The girl, who is eligible to be an SPM candidate for 2019, is unable to attend school due to a lack of funds.

"She really wants to go to school. She wants to learn," the netizen said.

According to the Twitter thread, the girl's father cannot afford the cost of petrol needed to send her to and from school.

"The saddest part was when she told me she tried walking to school, but it was just too far from her house," the tweet read.

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Asfaridah added that the teenager's room is filled with revision notes and a study timetable.

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Image via Twitter

"She's a smart kid. Her exam results were good. Every morning she studies with whatever books she has, even though she hasn't gone to school in a while," Asfaridah said

The 17-year-old revealed that she has recently run out of stationaries and paper.

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She shared that when she used to go to school, her classmates teased her and her teacher did not believe her plight.

However, the teacher has since asked for her forgiveness.

The netizen explained that she met the girl and her sister through her work in social welfare.

"I went to visit the poor. I met them. I asked them if they had eaten, they said they always fast or drink warm water."

Asfaridah took the girls for a meal after work one day.

"I was so happy to see them eating happily. So polite and good. They are always grateful," she shared.

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Their father, who used to be an off-shore engineer, quit his job to take care of his three children after he came home one day to find his wife's deceased body

She had passed away three days earlier.

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He now earns RM500 a month as a mechanic in order to care for his children, including his disabled son.

"Allah tests because Allah loves. Seeing them smile despite their heavy burdens, I feel embarrassed... Because they are strong, unlike us, who give up after a little struggle," the tweet read.

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The netizen included the father's bank account information and their address in the thread

"Donate whatever you can. Thank you so much for those who have," Asfaridah wrote.

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Another netizen replied to the thread to share that the family will be kicked out of their home on 10 August, as their landlord wants to tear down the house.

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Twitter users sympathised with the family and expressed their regret for not making full use of their privileges

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Image via Twitter

A netizen even tagged Skolafund, a digital platform that crowd sources alternative sources of funding for education scholarships.

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