DJ Dave Claims A Man Is Impersonating Him To Scam Money From His Friends

Datuk DJ Dave's friends told him that the scammer asked for thousands of ringgit as loan.

Cover image via the Hive.Asia & Daily Star

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A scammer is posing as Datuk DJ Dave to borrow money from people he knows

The singer, whose real name is Irwan Shah Abdullah, shared that the man has been using his WhatsApp profile picture and contacting people on his contact list to ask for loans.

"More than 100 people called me, saying that they almost got tricked by the scammer. I hope everyone will be careful," he was quoted as saying by The Star.

He added that he heard about such a scam from his friends but never thought that he would be a victim.

"I was shocked that the photo used by the scammer was my profile picture. I have since changed the photo," he said.

Image via the Hive.Asia

DJ Dave was told by his friends that the scammer contacted them at midnight and asked for RM3,000 to RM8,000 last Saturday, 3 December

He has made a police report about the issue and hopes that it won't happen again to him or anyone else.

"I want to emphasise once again that I am not involved (in the scam) and if anyone still receives the WhatsApp message, please contact me directly or my manager," he said via Harian Metro.

"You can also check my WhatsApp status. Not just that, this scammer has also hacked my Telegram account using my phone number from Telegram yesterday evening."

"He then sent all the numbers on the application. I am asking for everyone to be careful with this tactic," DJ Dave added.

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