School Sends Expulsion Warning To Student Who Exposed Teacher For Making Rape Jokes

Meanwhile, a woman, alleged to be the principal at Ain's school, left problematic comments under a poster for an online forum where Ain was donning a hijab. She called Ain "hypocrite" and "Satan's spawn wearing headscarves".

Cover image via Geraldine Tong/Malaysiakini

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Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, the secondary school student who last month exposed her teacher for making rape jokes, claimed last night that she has received a warning notice of expulsion from her school

The 17-year-old student said that she's getting expelled.

Ain tweeted this last night at about 12.56am, 9 May in a Twitter thread, which has since gone viral.

She stated that she got the first warning letter for not coming to school for three days.

The notice, Ain said, warned her that she can be expelled.

"The same day the letter was sent, was the same day my father met the principal, and she said she supported me on that day. But went ahead and did this the same day," read her tweet.

Ain questioned why she was being punished for having her own opinion and thoughts - after all, it was what she was taught in school

"Teachers, didn't you yourself teach us higher-order thinking skills, to have our opinions and thoughts? I was just doing what you taught me. Why am I being punished for it?" read one of her tweets.

According to Ain, the teacher whom she exposed for making the rape jokes and the boy who threatened with rape are not even facing any action, but that she is being threatened with expulsion.

This would ruin my life.
Ain Husniza

"How many lives have you ruined, educators?" she asked.

"From the stories you tried to sweep under the rug, from the students you tried to silence, from the paedophiles you tried to protect, from the corrupt system you tried to enforce."

Meanwhile, screenshots showing problematic comments made by a woman, alleged to be the principal at Ain's school, have gone viral

Batu Kawan Member of Parliament (MP) shared the screenshot on her social media accounts, demanding that the Ministry of Education take action against the principal for having slandered Ain.

Malay Mail reported that the principal Aimanaizah Sarimahmohamednor called Ain "hypocrite", "Satan's spawn wearing headscarves", and told Ain's parents to "educate her with manners".

The comments were left under a poster for an online forum where Ain was donning a hijab.

When the 17-year-old student took to TikTok to expose her teacher for making rape jokes, she ended up receiving rape threats:

Over the week, NUTP secretary-general Harry Tan offered his apology amidst Malaysians calling him out for perpetuating rape culture:

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