Student Receives Threats After Exposing Teacher On TikTok For Making Rape Jokes

The girl uploaded a voice recording of someone saying, "I swear this kid is an idiot. If I got my hands on her, I'd scrape her. If not, I'd rape her and send her to Thailand."

Cover image via TikTok & Twitter

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A secondary school student recently garnered the attention of social media users after she took to TikTok to expose her teacher for making rape jokes

According to the 17-year-old, the incident took place on Friday, 23 April.

In her video, she claimed that a male teacher had made jokes about rape during a physical and health education class. She said, "It was going good you know, we were talking about sexual harassment, how to take care of yourself, your body rights."

"He was making a couple of jokes but it seemed normal at first, but slowly the jokes were getting weird and more lucah (lewd)."

"Then we were talking about how there are laws protecting minors from sexual abuse and harassment, and then he said 'If you want to rape someone, don't rape those under 18, rape those above 18.'"

The clip that was originally uploaded on TikTok was then reposted on Twitter. It garnered over 756,700 views and 18,400 retweets.

Image via TikTok

Several politicians and public figures have shown support for the 17-year-old, urging for action to be taken against the teacher

Batu Kawan member of parliament (MP) Kasthuri Patto issued a statement on her Facebook profile which read, "Schools must listen to students when they speak up on sexual harassment or any kind of sexual approaches made by teachers, support staff and other members as part of the ecosystem in the school."

"We encourage students to report to their school authorities of any misconduct by teachers. But a 'no-action' reaction will discourage others from doing so. Is this the kind of message we are going to pass on to the future leaders of our nation? That their voices are not heard and that their pain is ignored?"

Dear friends, In light of a student's exposé of how her teacher normalised rape culture and sexual grooming, attached...

Posted by Kasthuri Patto on Saturday, April 24, 2021

Meanwhile, former education minister Maszlee Malik tweeted, "I request the headmaster of the school to look into the issue seriously. Request to investigate the allegation and the teacher involved. Rape is not a laughing matter, and teachers should advocate safety, not otherwise."

After bringing attention to the matter, the student reportedly received rape threats from students in her school

The girl uploaded a voice recording of someone saying, "The matter can be settled with the school, why do you want to let the whole world know? What do you want? Attention?"

"Go back to where you came from. You're not even from here. The kids here who got treated like that before this did not even make a big deal out of it. I swear this kid is an idiot. If I got my hands on her, I'd scrape her. If not, I'd rape her and send her to Thailand."

She noted that the audio in the uploaded clip had been edited to alter the boy's voice in order to protect his identity.

Image via Twitter

Malaysiakini reported that her father also posted on Facebook about the rape threat his daughter received, saying he will lodge a separate police report over this after having filed a report on Sunday about the inappropriate remarks made by the male teacher.

He wrote, "Looks like there will be another report after my daughter got a rape threat from her classmate because they are unhappy about what happened and felt that it 'sullies' the good name of the school."

"Do you see? They do not agree and immediately threaten to rape. As simple as that. That's 'normal' right? This mindset is said to be 'normal' by many whose opinions I receive on social media."

Image via TikTok

Police have launched an official investigation into the matter

Sungai Buloh district police chief Supt Shafa'aton Abu Bakar said that his team had received a report and will be calling in witnesses to assist with investigations, as reported by Astro Awani.

The case will be investigated under Section 294 of the Penal Code for public indecency.

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