Security Van With RM3.4 Million Hijacked, Robbed And Torched In Broad Daylight

A security van replenishing money at a petrol station at an ATM was robbed by 6 robbers on 28 January 2014. The robbers managed to subdue four armed security guards and flee with RM3.4million in cash.

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A Security Van Transporting Up To RM3.4million In Cash Has Been Robbed In Kuala Selangor On The Morning Of 28 January 2014

KUALA SELANGOR: A security van carrying RM3.4mil was hijacked by a gang of robbers at a petrol station near Ijok, Batang Berjuntai, here.

A van transporting RM3.36 million in cash was robbed and set on fire in an audacious robbery in broad daylight in Ijok, Kuala Selangor, yesterday.

The Van With Four Security Guards Left Armour Security's Head Office In Batu Caves At 9am

Kuala Selangor police chief Supt Taib Ahmad said the van, which left Armour Security’s head office in Batu Caves at 9am, was on its usual route and stopped to deliver money for the ATM machines in the town’s Petronas station.

A Security Van Transporting Up To RM3.4million In Cash Has Been Robbed In Kuala Selangor On The Morning Of 29 January 2014

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The Robbers Struck When The Van Stopped At A Petrol Station At 9.50am To Replenish Money At The ATM

It is believed that the van, manned by four guards, stopped at the station at about 9.50am yesterday to replenish money at the petrol station’s ATM when their vehicle was blocked by a Nissan van and two men on a motorcycle.

Four To Six Men From A Vehicle Tied Up The Guards While Two Other Men Who Were On A Motorcycle Stole The Security Van

Sources said between four and six men alighted from the van and tied up the guards, enabling the motorcyclists to drive the security van away.

However, before the four security guards could leave the van, four robbers in a Proton Waja and two more on a motorcycle hijacked it with the guards and their guns still inside.

They Drove The Van With The Guards And The Pump Guns In It To A Secluded Oil Palm Plantation

The robbers then drove the van 2km away from the station to a secluded area in an oil palm plantation in Kampung Bukit Badong.

Kuala Selangor OCPD Supt Mohd Taib Ahmad said initial investigations revealed that the suspects drove the security van to an oil palm plantation at Bukit Badong.

Security Van With RM3.4 Million Hijacked, Robbed And Torched In Broad Daylight

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The Gang Then Torched The Security Van Before Fleeing With The Money

“We believe the suspects forced all four security guards to get off the vehicle before unloading nine bags of money from the van and taking the guards’ pump guns. They were all wearing full-faced helmets.

“They ordered the guards to lie on the road while they took out nine sacks containing the money,” said Taib.

“They then set the van on fire, before taking off with the cash and the gun of one of the guards.”

“The gang then set the van ablaze before escaping with the loot in their van,” he said.

The Fire Department Received A Distress Call At 9.58am And Rushed To The Scene

A Bukit Berjuntai Fire and Rescue Department source said they received the distress call at 9.58am and five firefighters were sent to the scene to contain the fire.

The firefighters managed to put out the fire by 10.47am.

The Van Was Found At 2.30pm On The Same Day. Police Believe It Could Be An Inside Job.

The van was found at 2.30pm yesterday. Kajang forensics found two fingerprints on the burnt van, and four on the motorcycle left by the robbers.

Taib said police have not ruled out the possibility of the robbery being an inside job because it seemed to be organised and carefully planned.
“We are investigating the case for gang robbery and armed robbery with the intention to cause grievous bodily harm.”

Two Of The Guards Suffered Minor Injuries

He added that two of the security guards were scalded by the fire and were sent to the Tanjung Karang Hospital for treatment.

They are in stable condition.

Taib said two of the guards suffered minor injuries and were receiving treatment at Tanjung Karang Hospital.
“One of the guards was punched, while another suffered a minor burn on his hand.”