Netizens Are Impressed By This Primary School's Wide Variety Of RM1 To RM4 Canteen Food

"I want to go back to school!" joked a parent.

Cover image via Chloe Fu (Facebook)

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A primary school in Sekinchan has earned bragging rights for the impressive array of food offered at its canteen

A mother has proudly taken to Facebook to show off her son's school canteen spread after it came to her attention how well the food there was being prepared.

"The students at SJKC Yoke Kuan in Sekinchan are so fortunate! They have all kinds of dishes from Chinese, Western, and Japanese cuisine to choose from," wrote Chloe Fu.

"The food is not only tasty, generous, and cheap, but it's also clean and hygienic. The food is only about RM1 to RM4!

"I want to go back to school!" she joked.

The mother happily added that her son, who just entered Year One, has eaten sushi for three consecutive days since he started school.

The photos she shared showed an eye-catching variety of dishes, including an assortment of rice bowls, soup noodles, French toast, rice balls, sushi rolls, fried dumplings, and more

Fu additionally told China Press that the food has been a motivation for her oldest son, who's in Year Four, to go to school because he always happily shares about his meals.

"It was also my first time at the school that day, and I realised that the food in the canteen was so good!

"The children now always talk about what they want to eat tomorrow and look forward to going to school," she said, after dropping her youngest son off at school for his first day on Monday, 11 March.

The parent hoped that other schools would also emulate this school canteen operator in making affordable, tasty, and nutritious meals for their students.

The Facebook post has been shared over 2,300 times, with parents commending the canteen operator and discussing how it's great to see school food improve over time

"The canteen operator is really a great businesswoman... All the parents who saw her food want to eat it now too," commented a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"Wow! The students now are so lucky. I remember when we used to only get clear soup or curry soup in primary school. And there was even those metal frames over the counter," reminisced a netizen.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, another parent said, "My son also ate sushi yesterday. He even told me that he's going to bring a container to school tomorrow to pack some sushi home to eat."

Image via Facebook

Parents just want to make sure their children have the best experience at school:

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