Dad Takes To TikTok To Slam Plain Instant Noodles Sold For RM1.50 At School Canteen

"This is the food for Standard One students. My daughter didn't eat it. The price is RM1.50. It's empty!"

Cover image via @adamazali0 (TikTok)

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The father of a Standard One student in Kedah was furious to find out that his daughter's school sold her plain instant noodles for RM1.50

The dissatisfied dad took to TikTok to show the measly meal the school canteen was selling and asked his followers their opinion of it.

"This is the food for Standard One students. My daughter didn't eat it. Luckily I packed some food for her, some bread and eggs," said Adam Azali in the video.

"But look at this. The price is RM1.50. It's empty!"

Adam wrote that his seven-year-old daughter did not want to eat the noodles and brought the packet back home for him

He said it is her first week at school and she initially thought she was buying a packet of fried noodles. However, upon closer inspection, she realised it was instant noodles that had expanded.

Regardless of the mishap, Adam questioned if the small packet of instant noodles, that had only one or two strands of carrot in it, was worth its cost.

The disappointed father also said he would rather pack home-cooked food for his daughter to bring to school from then on.

In his latest TikTok video, Adam can be seen cooking a fried egg in olive oil for his daughter to bring to school.

The video garnered over a whopping 780,000 views on TikTok, with netizens being equally offended by the RM1.50 plain instant noodles

Some said it was not just the matter of cost, but the food had also no nutritional value.

"That food is so bad. The price is not just the problem. At least let it be proportionate to the food. This is not nutritious and there's not a single vegetable in it. Ridiculous," said a TikTok user.

Image via TikTok

Others questioned why was the canteen was selling instant noodles in the first place, as it is one of the food items banned for sale in schools.

"I'm a canteen operator. According to the rules, we can't sell instant noodles to the students in schools. If it were me, a RM1.50 packet should come with an egg and some water," said a netizen.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, other netizens persuaded Adam to raise the concern to the school.

Someone said, "In my opinion, you should voice this issue out to the school. Don't just post this on TikTok, it's not worth it."

Image via TikTok

Watch Adam's TikTok here:


anak darjah 1, dia ingat2 Mee, sbb 2 dia bwk blk unh, BILA Sy tgk megi rupanya sbb kembang dia ingat2 Mee. adoooii pandapat anda

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