Malaysian Dad Rushed Back To School To Retrieve Son's 'Tupperware' To Avoid Wife's Wrath

Mohd Fadli Salleh's post went viral with over 20,000 shares and 52,000 reactions.

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We all know how our mothers love their Tupperwares.

So much so they could possibly 'disown' us if we ever lose the colourful plastic containers.

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Fully aware of that, a Malaysian father recently shared how he was able to save his son from his wife's wrath when his son told him that he left his water bottle at school

In a viral Facebook post with over 20,000 shares, Mohd Fadli Salleh related that he picked up his son Asyraff from school on a motorcycle on Monday evening, 20 January.

Fadli, who works as a teacher in Kuala Lumpur, was told by his son that he left his wallet in the classroom.

"Dad, I left my wallet in the class. There is RM8 inside the wallet and it is my pocket money for tomorrow and the day after," Asyraff told Fadli as they started heading home.

Tired from working the whole day at the school, Fadli said he did not feel like going back into the school and did not mind losing the money.

"His classroom is a long walk away from the main gate too, so I told him to leave it and I will look for it the next morning," said Fadli.

Asyraff continued to tell Fadli that he had left his water bottle in the classroom too

"I also left my water bottle, dad," Asyraff said, to which Fadli got a huge 'you should have started with that' moment.

Fadli hit the emergency brake and caused the wheels to screech.

"I asked him why he didn't say anything earlier," Fadli said.

"Losing money is fine, we can consider it as a charity to whoever found it. But if that bottle goes missing, it's not just my son who will get scolded, I might lose my life."

The father-son duo then rushed back to the school to retrieve the 'Tupperware', fearing that his wife would unleash hell on them if the water bottle goes missing

Fadli asked Asyraff if the water bottle was brand Tupperware, but Asyraff shrugged.

"Ah, whether it is Tupperware or Tipuware (fake Tupperware), if you leave a water bottle at school, you can lose your life woih," Fadli said in jest.

Fadli told his son to hurry because if they get home late, he will be 'killed' by his wife too.

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Fadli said his quest to retrieve the water bottle was met with a hilarious encounter as there was also another father-son duo back at the school to look for their 'Tupperware'

"When my son went back into his classroom, there was another man accompanying his son upstairs," related Fadli.

"He shouted 'He left behind his water bottle teacher!', and we both shared a laugh before he quickly dashed away, probably to avoid being questioned by his wife why they got home late."

Fadli then said women are a scary species.

When they left the school for the second time, the school guard asked Fadli what did he leave behind this time, to which Fadli replied, "My life."

"The guard laughed upon hearing my answer. I'm not sure if he really understood what I really meant."

Fadli's story resonated very well with Malaysians and the post garnered over 10,000 comments

"Is it this water bottle brand (that your son left behind), teacher?" asked a netizen, showing a photo of Eplas water bottles.

Fadli replied, "Ya, this is the one."

Another netizen commented, "Eplas also will cost your life, teacher. This is the same bottle my children use." 

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One netizen also shared her lost Tupperware story, which was liked over 2,000 times.

"On 13 August 2015, my sweet husband left behind the entire Tupperware's tiffin set at his workplace in Cheras. When I confronted him, he said he forgot it," said the netizen.

"Until this day, he still regrets his mistake, even though he has replaced it."

Fadli replied to the comment saying that it is incredible how she could remember the date of the incident.

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You can read Fadli's full post here:

Pergi ambil anak kat sekolah tadi dah jam 6:30 dah pun. Sampai kat jaga, Asyraff naik motor aku. Baru nak gerak, dia...

Posted by Mohd Fadli Salleh on Monday, January 20, 2020

In October 2018, a photo of a lost 'Tupperware' shared by Rapid KL went viral:

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