Selangor Sets Curfew For Car Wash Centres To Save Water

In an effort to conserve water, the Selangor state government is putting their foot down on car wash centres.

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All Car Wash Centres In Malaysia Will Only Be Allowed To Operate Six Hours Daily, From Noon To 6pm

All car-wash centres in Selangor will only be allowed to operate six hours daily as the state increases its effort to tackle its water woes.

At The Same Time, All Illegal Car Wash Centres Will Be Ordered To Close Down With Immediate Effect

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As the water level at the Sungai Selangor dam drops by the day, the state government, following a special meeting last night, ordered local councils to close down all illegal car-wash centres in their respective jurisdictions with immediate effect as a move to conserve water.

The Selangor State Government Has Decided On This Car Wash Curfew To Tackle The Dwindling Water Supply Problem

The meeting also decided that licensed car-wash centres will only be allowed to operate for six hours every day, from noon to 6pm."Notices will be distributed by the local councils to car wash operators in the state soonest possible to allow for necessary preparations be made," the statement said.

“We will not decide hastily,” said state executive councillor Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi after attending a Selangor Economic Action Council meeting yesterday, which also discussed the water woes. He added that since the state government had experience in managing water rationing, future exercises would be better managed.

According To A Car Wash Operator, The Local Councils Should Survey The Amount Of Water Car Wash Centres Use Compared To Restaurant And Offices Before Applying Such Ruling

A car wash and detailing centre operator in Petaling Jaya said the ruling would definitely affect his business as his operations were from 9am to 7pm.

“We can just ask our customers to come at a different time, but perhaps the local councils should first do a survey on the amount of water we use compared to restaurants and offices,” said the man who owns three car wash and detailing centres in Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam.

“This is because most car wash centres use machines that help save water.”

The State Government Is Working Hard To Ensure There Is Sufficient Water Supply In The State To Last Throughout The El Nino Phenomenon

Selangor will be imposing a curfew on car-wash centres due to dropping water levels at the Sungai Selangor dam.

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The state government also said that it was working hard to ensure there is sufficient water supply in the state that would last throughout the El Nino phenomenon.

It was reported that the United Nation’s weather agency, World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), has said that El Nino, which sparks climate extremes around the globe, is likely to take hold in the Pacific Ocean by the end of the year. WMO said there was an 80% likelihood that El Nino could start between October and November and 60% that it would do so between now and end of August.

The State Government Says Water Rationing Would Be A Last Resort If Efforts To Conserve Water Are Unsuccessful

Meanwhile, the state government insisted that water rationing exercise would only be conducted as a last resort only if all efforts to conserve water were unsuccessful. "At the same time, users in Selangor should save water and avoid wastage."

It added that mitigation efforts, as announced earlier, are still ongoing. The continued effort included lowering the output of water at the Sungai Selangor dam to 700 million litres per day and Sungai Tinggi dam (500 milion litres per day).

"Cloud seeding operations are also being conducted continously with cooperation from the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Meteorological Department and Syarikat AF Jet Sdn Bhd throughout Selangor."

On 1 August, Klang DAP MP Charles Santiago Warned That "The Mother Of All Water Rationing" Is Upon Us

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