Selfless 18-Year-Old Dies While Saving 8 People During Thailand's Worst Mass Shooting

He blocked the door so the others could escape.

Cover image via Bangkok Post & Athit Perawonmetha/Reuters/Al Jazeera

An 18-year-old boy was killed while trying to protect eight people during Thailand's recent mass shooting

On 8 and 9 February, a gunman went on a shooting rampage killing 29 people and injuring 57 others at Terminal 21 shopping mall.

It has become known as one of Thailand's worst mass shooting in history, according to Khaosod English.

Athiwat Promsuk.

Image via Bangkok Post

The teenager, Athiwat Promsuk, and eight others were hiding inside a refrigerated room when the gunman had tried to enter on 9 February

Khaosod English reported that Athiwat was guarding the cooler door to prevent the gunman from entering, which allowed the others to escape.

The boy was shot in the chest by the shooter.

Those who survived said that if it was not for Athiwat's sacrifice, more lives would have been lost

According to Bangkok Post, the boy had used heavy objects to block the door and had also given up his T-shirt to another victim who had been shot in her hand when they fled to the room.

He also reportedly used video calls and texts to urge his mother, who worked as a janitor in the mall, to escape.

She had been waiting at the petrol station for him opposite the mall but he never showed up. The next morning, she found out that her son was dead.

Image via Pattaya News

"He's the hero that saved eight people's lives," said Athiwat's classmate Umakorn Thaimanee, who was also in the mall that day.

"He was bullied at school sometimes but he never got mad."

Umakorn had been in contact with Athiwat throughout the incident until the boy stopped responding at 8pm.

When he found out that Athiwat was dead, Umakorn said that he fell to his knees and cried, Khaosod English revealed.

Athiwat's girlfriend, Naen, who had also been shot in her leg during the incident, said she cradled him until he stopped moving before she crawled out of the room.

His 73-year-old grandmother added that he was a well-behaved boy and was about to complete his studies in university.

She expressed that he had a bright future ahead of him and regrets that he lost his life this way.

On 8 February, a gunman went on a shooting rampage at Terminal 21 shopping mall in Nakhon Ratchasima, a northeastern city in Thailand:

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