Senior Citizen Missing For Eight Days Likely Suffering From Depression Due To Son's Death

One of his six children recently passed away, and his younger sister suggested he may still be grieving for his child.

Cover image via The Vibes & Bernama

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An elderly man from Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan has been reported missing since 22 November

Abu Zahrin A. Hassan, 67, was living alone at his late mother's house in Kampung Sikai, Gunung Pasir, at the time of his disappearance eight days ago. He was reported missing by his sister, Norliza A. Hassan, 53, who lives nearby and regularly takes care of her older brother.

According to Norliza, she only realised her brother was missing when she visited his home to invite him for dinner after Isyak prayers.

"When I called him to eat, there was no response, [and] the house was dark," she told Bernama.

"He always goes out to look for food. But when he comes back, the villagers [would] sometimes send him [home]," she added.

Abu Zahrin A. Hassan, 67.

Image via Bernama

Norliza stated she was worried for the elderly Abu Zahid due to his mental health issues

"We are worried because he has a mental [health] problem. He doesn't walk well, and he uses a cane, but he is kind and doesn't disturb people. He doesn't talk much," she said.

When asked for specifics on what these issues were, Norliza told SAYS that her brother was suffering from depression. 

According to her, one of Abu Zahid's six children, a son, recently passed away, and he may still be grieving for his child.

Norliza A. Hassan (left), 53.

Image via The Vibes

Kuala Pilah district police are currently investigating Abu Zahid's disappearance

Kuala Pilah district police chief Supt Amran Mohd Ghani spoke to Bernama on 28 November, stating the department received a report on 23 November, a day after Abu Zahid's disappearance.

"Currently, we are still searching for the victim who is believed to [have mental health illness] and has [a] poor memory with the help of family members and members of the Village Community Management Council," he said. "The initial information we got was that he often goes out, but will usually return home. However, this time, he hasn't come back for [eight] days."

The department also received a report from residents who allegedly saw the man in Kampung Sikai on 26 November, but a sweep of the area found no signs of Abu Zahid nor where he might have headed.

"There is no element of crime in this case. The police are still actively conducting searches, focusing on this district," he added.

If you have any information about Abu Zahid's whereabouts, please report it to the nearest police station or contact his sister Norliza, at 013-6555548.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

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