Screenshots Show Tun M's 17-Year-Old Granddaughter Calling Anti-ICERD Rally "Disgusting"

The screenshots was taken from her Instagram Stories.

Cover image via Instagram

On Saturday, as a mammoth crowd participated in the anti-ICERD Rally at Dataran Merdeka to celebrate the government's decision against ratifying ICERD, PM Tun Mahathir's granddaughter took to her Instagram to call the participants "disgusting" in her Stories

Melia Serena Mukhriz, who is 17, posted a photo on her Instagram Story showing an aerial view of Dataran Merdeka during the anti-ICERD rally with a caption that read: "Disgusting. Take all offence, I don't care. Extremely disappointing."

While Serena's said Instagram Story has since expired, screenshots taken while the Story was active have since been circulating on Twitter and Facebook.

In the same Story, she had also written: "Vision 2020 gone because of all of you."

Screenshot of Serena Mukhriz's Instagram Story that has since spread across social media.

Image via Selamanya UMNO/Facebook

The 17-year-old followed up with another Insta Story, screenshots of which showed her appearing to be responding to people

In her second Insta Story, Serena wrote that it was disappointing to see how people from her own race could be so "hateful, discriminating and be such bullies".

In her third Insta Story, which appears to be directed at people who might have called her out for her previous stories, Serena wrote:

While her Insta Stories have now expired, screenshots of them are circulating online with netizens expressing their disappointment:

On the other hand, former prime minister Najib Razak took to his Facebook yesterday before the rally to praise a man who cycled from Kampar to Kuala Lumpur to attend the anti-ICERD rally:

A couple of days ago, Sultan Nazrin shared his observations about Malays being obsessed with blaming others for their failure:

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