SG Company Holds Lavish RM14.3 Million Annual Dinner For 26,000 Employees In Taiwan

The lavish company dinner featured performances by popular Taiwanese pop singers, a 12-course dinner, and fireworks.

Cover image via RIWAY International (Facebook)

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Singaporean health and wellness company RIWAY International held one of the world's most lavish corporate dinners for 26,000 of their international employees in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

According to Facebook posts by the company, the mega event was held on Tuesday, 10 January and featured an impressive 2,600 banquet tables with a 12-course dinner. 

Not only that, but popular Taiwanese artistes such as Ricky Hsiao, Wakin Chua, and Power Station were also in attendance to bring some live entertainment at the dinner. If that wasn't enough, the event also had a grand fireworks display to entertain the crowd.

The corporate event cost NT100 million (RM14.3 million) to set up, with NT30 million (RM4.2 million) going to food and table costs.

Employees of the company were flown in from all over the world, including those from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan.

The grand scale of RIWAY International's gala dinner.

Image via RIWAY International (Facebook)

The gala dinner, themed "No Hold Back", was held to celebrate RIWAY International's 15th anniversary

It was also the company's weiya, an annual Chinese corporate tradition held before the start of the Chinese lunar new year to thank employees for their hard work.

are typically the biggest event of the year for a company and many of RIWAY International's leaders, including the company's founder Lim Boon Hong, flew in to celebrate the special event.

"RIWAY leaders from all over the world gathered to celebrate this meaningful day. Before the event even started, our leaders were filled with high spirits; this spectacular scene is definitely the best motivation to start a new year," the company said.

RIWAY International founder Lim Boon Hong at the company's 15-year anniversary celebration.

Image via RIWAY International (Facebook)

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