28-Year-Old Woman Rescued After A Shaman Kidnapped And Used Her As Sex Slave For 15 Years

Authorities discovered the woman in a hole between rocks on Sunday, 5 August.

Cover image via BBC/Muhammad Sabran

A 28-year-old woman was said to have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted for 15 years by a man who claims to have been possessed by a spirit or "jin", said Indonesian authorities on Tuesday, 7 August

According to BBC, the victim, who was 12-years-old at the time, was brought to a shaman for treatment by her own family and was left behind in 2003 in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Later that year, she disappeared. The shaman named Jago was reported to have told her family that the young girl had gone to Jakarta to find work.

A local resident, Sugeng claimed that Jago would deliver food items occasionally to the girl's parents to convince them that they were bought from her earnings.

The 83-year-old shaman was well-known in the village for his traditional healing methods.

Image via BBC

In spite of that, relatives still searched for the missing girl for several years before they lost all hope of finding her

According to The Jakarta Post, police had detained and interrogated Jago until he
finally revealed where the woman could be found.

Authorities discovered her on Sunday, 5 August, held captive in a hole between rocks, the entrance to which measured around 1 by 1.5 meters.

She was believed to have been brought to Jago's house at night but was forced to live in the small prison-like cave

Photos shown by the cops revealed basic furniture items that were found in the cave.

Central Sulawesi Police Chief Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy said that the 83-year-old shaman had kidnapped and shown the girl a picture of a boy named Amrin "who she thought was her boyfriend".

"She was led to believe that Amrin's spirit had entered (the elderly man's) body," Iqbal said on Tuesday at a news conference that was posted online. "It is obvious that he was satisfying his lust," he added, as the shaman had allegedly used the girl to fulfill his sexual desires.

Picture of the cave as posted by the Indonesian police.

Image via BBC

"The victim seems to have been brainwashed, making her afraid to run away and afraid to meet other people because she was being watched by a jin," Sugeng told The Jakarta Post.

The woman explained to the police that she had missed her period several times and was given a potion by the man to kill her fetus.

According to Iqbal, the suspect was well-known in the village for his traditional healing methods, and was often consulted by people who were facing marital, romantic, or business problems

"When he treated people, he would act as if he was being possessed, so many people believed him," added the chief police.

The suspect is currently charged under Article 76e of the 2014 Child Protection Law, with more charges likely to follow. If found guilty, he will face 15 years of jail. 

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