[SHARE] Malaysians Of All Creed Are Rallying Support For Flood Victims Via Social Media

Messages of encouragement and prayers from Malaysians all over flood social media as evacuations and rescue efforts continue in the East Coast.

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As rescue efforts continue in the East Coast following the worst flood to ever hit Malaysia since 1971, Malaysians have taken to social media to share messages of support as well as calls to action for donations and volunteers

Local celebrities such as Lisa Surihani, Mizz Nina and Aznil Nawawi have taken to their Instagram accounts to call for Malaysians to help the flood victims via donations or to volunteer in rescue efforts

The flood has also struck close to home for songstress Siti Nurhaliza and actress Noor Neelofa, whose family members are affected by the flood's devastating aftermath

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On Twitter, #PrayForPantaiTimur and #PrayForMalaysia have been trending since yesterday as a show of solidarity for those affected by the flood

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Aerial images as well as on-scene photos of the flooded areas have gone viral under these tags, as shared by Malaysians to draw attention to the catastrophic aftermath of the floods

Netizens have also taken to offering their prayers and messages of support for victims of the flood as well as to voice their hope for a better year ahead

Some, including literary exponent A. Samad Said, have penned poems to express their thoughts and feelings in regards to the dire situation

Most importantly, these trending tags have provided a wide platform to call for Malaysians to lend a hand to the victims by donating cash and necessities as well as to share emergency hotlines

Find out how else you can help victims of the East Coast floods HERE:

Warnings of impending flash floods have also been issued for the states in the West Coast. If you are living in these states (e.g. Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang etc.), read these tips on how to prepare and cope with flash floods HERE:

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