Netizens Are In Awe This OKU Woman Is Sewing PPE For Frontliners Using Only Her Feet

She said that her status as a person with disabilities was not an excuse to be dependent on others.

Cover image via Malay Mail & Norfarrah Syahirah Shaari/Facebook

A differently abled woman from Perak has captured the hearts of Malaysians for sewing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our country's frontliners using just her feet

Norfarrah Syahirah Shaari, who hails from Kampung Parit Lima in Bagan Datuk, was born without arms.

However, according to Malay Mail, that has not stopped her from using her legs to make protective gear for medical staff at Teluk Intan Community Clinic and Teluk Intan Hospital.

The 32-year-old shared a video on Facebook on Saturday, 11 April, to show her curious followers how she is able to assemble the gowns using only her feet.

"Since many of you have asked to see how I sew, I'm going to show you how I do it with my feet in my own way," she captioned the video, while adding that she was feeling very motivated to help the frontliners curb the spread of COVID-19.

Image via Malay Mail

She is one of the 35 volunteers at Teluk Intan Community College (KKTI) tailoring PPEs for their town's frontliners

According to New Straits Times, their effort is part of the college's corporate social responsibility programme known as 'Dari Komuniti Untuk Komuniti'.

"We expect to make 252 isolation gowns using 400 metres of fabric," explained Norfarrah, who is also the community college's administrative assistant.

She shared that each volunteer had a different role - some to draw the gowns, some to measure and cut the fabric, and others to sew them together.

To practise social distancing, most to the volunteers have divided the fabric to sew the gowns in their own homes and offices.

"We will then collect all the PPE on Monday before distributing them to the frontliners," she said.

Norfarrah added that she can sew eight PPE gowns in a day.

"I feel proud to be part of this programme and this is the little thing we can do to help our healthcare workers."

Norfarrah also said that she has long known how to sew with her feet since she wanted to make clothes for herself

"I have learnt to adapt to the demands of everyday life using my feet. I learnt tailoring by myself eight years ago because I needed to make special clothes for myself," she said, as quoted by New Straits Times.

She admitted it was at first difficult to even thread a needle, but over time and with a lot of patience, she managed to do it.

"Now it takes me only a second to thread the needle using my feet," she said.

Norfarrah, who can also drive using her legs, said God would not burden a soul beyond what it can bear.

She told Harian Metro that she mustered the courage to obtain her driving licence to prove that her status as a person with disabilities was not an excuse to be dependent on others.

She further hoped that her stories on social media would inspire others, especially the disabled, to contribute to the community with the skills that they already have.

Netizens who saw the video of her sewing were inspired by her determination

"You are amazing. Always an inspiration to all of us. You are truly a special person," said a Facebook user.

While another user cheered, "I hope you stay motivated to sew! I feel so proud looking at your work."

"Whoever gets to wear the clothes you have made are truly blessed," said another netizen.

Watch Norfarrah skillfully use a sewing machine here:

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