Kajang And Kuantan Prison Inmates Step Up To Sew PPE For Frontliners In Need

The inmates in Kuantan produce over 20 suits a day.

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Due to a shortage of medical supplies during this time, inmates in Penor Prison, Pahang and Kajang Prison, Selangor are helping to sew Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers

Bernama reported that 18 inmates in Penor Prison have been working 9am to 5pm every day to measure, cut, and stitch the special PPE material since Friday, 27 March.

Image via Bernama

The inmates in Kuantan produce over 20 suits a day.

And the finished products are then sent to the Pahang State Secretary Office and distributed to the State Health Department.

Penor Prison director Datuk Abu Hasan Hussain said to Bernama that prison wardens had attended the PPE manufacturing briefing to ensure quality control and that the suits were made in accordance with the standard operating procedures.

Due to the urgent need for PPE, the sewing workshop also takes place on weekends.

Image via Bernama

Several inmates have expressed their pride in being able to help contribute to frontliners during this crisis

"I know it can be contagious... in silence, I am also proud to be able to help even in prison. My contribution is not great, but I hope it can protect struggling health workers," said one of the inmates named Man, who learned about the COVID-19 outbreak from his mother who visited him in prison on 15 March.

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33-year-old Saiful, who has spent 18 years in prison for robbery, also shared that he hopes the suits they make will help with the current shortage of supplies.

He expressed to Bernama that he is glad that the sewing skills he learned in prison is being used to help those in need.

Workshop supervisor Muhd ​​Mulyadi Abd Ghani revealed that the inmates were quick to understand how to sew the medical suits because of their prior experience with uniforms

Image via Bernama

According to a CNA report in December, Penor Prison previously held weaving workshops for the inmates as part of their rehabilitation programme to earn some cash.

Their handiwork can be purchased on the Malaysian Prison Department website.

Meanwhile, Kajang prison inmates have been helping to sew PPE for medical workers in Hospital Serdang

Penjara Malaysia shared photos on Twitter today, 2 April, of the inmates and wardens working hard to produce the suits.

Besides PPE, these are some other products made by prisoners in Malaysia:

In the midst of this pandemic, it's touching to see Malaysians coming together to help each other:

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