Bentong Supermarket Had To Clean Over 200 Trolleys After Woman Put Her Dog In One Of Them

The process took an hour.

Cover image via Pahang Darul Makmur/TF Value-Mart Sdn.Bhd

A photo showing a pet dog in a trolley of a supermarket has been making rounds on Facebook, drawing backlash from netizens

According to the post, the incident took place on 4 June 2018 at the TF Value-Mart in Bentong, Pahang. 

The dog could be seen in a trolley placed together with other items as the owner shopped around for other goods. 

Criticisms made regarding the incident did not stem from religious sensitivities. In fact, the general public found the act to be very "unhygienic".

"I am a non-Muslim and also own a dog but even I know the dos and don'ts when it comes to situations involving pets – and trust me, bringing my dog to a supermarket or restaurant is a big DON'T," said one user as quoted by theSun

Coconuts KL reported another user as saying that the dog could get uncomfortable with unfamiliar settings, raising concerns if the pooch might defecate in the shop.

The supermarket has since posted a statement on its Facebook page yesterday, 5 June, saying that they had been made aware of the incident. They also sought help of religious authorities from the local mosque to clean up the carts.

The clean up took place before the supermarket opened for business. Sin Chew noted that the entire process covered over 200 carts and took up to an hour to complete

The Chinese daily also interviewed a staff member who said he was unsure how the owner managed to sneak the dog pass security as the supermarket does not permit pets on its premises. 

A notice listing down the items not permitted in the supermarket.

Image via Sin Chew

Let's be better consumers and follow the rules set by supermarkets and malls, everyone!

Image via Giphy

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