Street Dog Bashed To Death By Security Guard At A Local Shopping Mall

The incident took place at Cheras Leisure Mall around midnight last Saturday, 2 April.

Cover image via Lye Jin Kit/Facebook

On Sunday, 3 April, images of a battered and bruised dog surfaced on Facebook. The images were accompanied by a photo of the security guard at Cheras Leisure Mall who allegedly beat up the street dog to death using a bamboo stick.

According to a resident living near the mall, the incident happened at about midnight Saturday, 2 April.

"My family and I heard a dog howling three times from the car park of the mall with the third and final howl being the most pitiful," said Lye Jin Kit, 25.

Lye said he rushed to the car park with his brother and parents, and saw a foreign security guard standing over the dying dog with the bat still in his hand.

According to Lye Jin Kit, who reported the incident through his Facebook post, the dog was still barely alive when he arrived at the scene

"We were scolding the guard when his supervisor came to the scene and took the bat away. He told us he did not instruct the guard to hit the dog to death," said Lye.

Lye said he believed the dog could have taken shelter at the entrance of the mall, adding that the guard may have chased it in and cornered the animal before hammering it to death.

Lye said his mother had seen the dog around and she believed it was a dumped pet as the animal was clean and well-kept.

Following the gory incident, Cheras Leisure Mall's management has issued an official statement on its Facebook page yesterday, 3 April, stating that the security guard involved has been suspended pending investigation

The mall operator explained that the management is "looking into this matter seriously".

"We are and always have been strictly against animal cruelty and we are disappointed to learn about the incident," read the statement.

The mall operator also gave the assurance that necessary actions would be taken against the security company that provided guards for security services, should the guard be found guilty.

Speaking of animal cruelty, just a few days ago, the Shah Alam City Council was caught in a controversy after dog catchers allegedly trespassed into a house to seize a dog:

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