Sibu Families Shocked To Find Graves Opened And Remains Of Loved Ones Missing

They were visiting their late family members to observe Qing Ming festival on Sunday, 3 April.

Cover image via Anna Siaw Geok It/The Borneo Post

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Seven graves at a Chinese cemetery in Sibu, Sarawak were recently found desecrated and the remains of the buried stolen for reasons still unknown

Sibu United Chinese Graveyard Association chairman Teo Boon Siew confirmed the shocking incident at the Bukit Aup cemetery with The Borneo Post on Monday, 4 April.

"I was informed about the matter by one of the family members of the deceased buried there who went to the cemetery on Sunday, 3 April, to observe Qing Ming festival," he said.

"We visited the cemetery and found seven graves were desecrated and the coffins were found burnt."

During the visit, Teo noted that the bones of the deceased were no where to be found, and were probably the target of the culprits

"We don't know who did it, but we believe that it was done by experts as they had made six dents on the front, middle, and back of each of the seven graves," he said, while condemning the perpetrators for not respecting the dead.

"They took out the bones and burned the coffins in the nearby bushes."

He also estimated that the vandalism occurred over two weeks ago as grass had started to grow at the site where the coffins were set on fire.

Image via The Borneo Post

One of the family members said he was horrified to find his late 18-year-old sister's grave disturbed, and her casket and remains taken away

"I am very sad over this inhumane act," said 38-year-old Tiong Chong Yee who discovered the empty tomb on Sunday, as quoted by The Star.

Another victim's family member, 28-year-old Ling Sing Ying, said she also could not believe what she saw when she visited her father's grave.

"I don't know why people would do this to us. We don't have any enemies," she said, adding that her family had not placed any valuables inside the coffin when her father was buried in 2005.

The graveyard association chairman said the family members of the affected tombs have since lodged police reports

According to Sarawak local news publisher TVS, acting Sibu district police chief Dr Collin Babat said they have received four reports regarding the case.

"An investigation paper has been opened under Section 297 of the Penal Code for invading a burial ground," he said.

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