Sibu Teacher Visits Students With No Internet & Marks Their Homework Outside The Gate

Cikgu Muja said she wanted to make sure her students never felt left behind in class.

Cover image via Harian Metro & Siakap Keli (Facebook)

A dedicated teacher in Sibu, Sarawak is making sure none of her students are left behind while schools nationwide stay closed until the end of the year

Mujalifah Kassim, who teaches Bahasa Malaysia in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Sibu Jaya, has been carrying out online classes since the Ministry of Education (MOE) called for the closure of all schools from 9 November to 18 December.

"I have been using Google Classroom, Google Meet, and WhatsApp for home-based learning," the 39-year-old teacher told Harian Metro.

"But there are a few students that don't have electronic devices or Internet access at home, especially those who live in the longhouses outside of the city."

Image via Harian Metro

So, the educator of 12 years has taken the initiative to visit these students every week to mark their assignments and give them feedback from outside their homes

Also a mother of two, Cikgu Muja said her intention is to provide guidance to these students who are less privileged compared to their peers.

"I do not want them to feel cast aside just because of that. Hopefully, going to their houses will give them some motivation to study even though they have less facilities and convenience to follow online classes," she said, adding that it was only on Fridays that she visits them.

Cikgu Muja's story first came to light when a former student caught her in action teaching a student across a metal gate and uploaded the photo to social media

She said she did not expect the photo to go viral and explained that many parents have actually asked her not to stay outside in the hot sun when she visits.

"I myself have actually rejected their invitations to enter their homes. This is because I don't take long to check, mark, and comment on my students' assignments," she explained.

"But it is better like this anyway because I have to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) despite being in a green zone."

She also said that she believes she is not doing more than all other educators around the country who are trying their best to impart knowledge to their students during these difficult times.

Thank you, Cikgu Muja!

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