A Sick Patient Was Allegedly Threatened By A Doctor From A Popular Clinic In Selangor

"Where is the doctor's work ethics?"

Cover image via Lim Pik Wah

A clinic in Selangor has come under public scrutiny following allegations that a patient was threatened by the doctor

A woman named Lim Pik Wah took to Facebook to share her experience about her recent visit to a clinic in Selangor and her encounter with a doctor there.

The clinic is a branch of one of the largest clinics chain in Malaysia with more than 170 outlets nationwide.

Lim visited the clinic on Monday, 21 March, as she was feeling unwell from a flu and sore throat for the past two weeks. She also noticed that she was developing body ache.

She said that she "explained her condition from head to toe" to the doctor in-charge.

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According to Lim, the doctor suspected that she was having dengue

In order to confirm his diagnosis, Lim said, the doctor tried to take a blood sample but failed to do so after three attempts as it was "hard to find" the vein in her arm.

After that, the doctor apparently told Lim: "I don't think you have dengue".

Lim felt that he came to the conclusion after finding difficulty in drawing the blood sample from her.

He then recommended Lim to get a flu injection instead, to which Lim agreed.

However, things began to take an ugly turn when she was told to pay RM150 for the medication

Image via Lim Pik Wah

A staff at the clinic had requested Lim to pay a RM150 fee. However, she was puzzled because her usual trips to the clinic do not require her to pay a single cent.

"Since my company cover me in medical fees, usually I don't have to make any payment," Lim explained.

When she queried the staff about the payment, they were unsure and asked her to direct her questions to the doctor.

Lim then narrated her conversation between the doctor and herself when she asked for clarification on the matter

"So you are not going to pay?" the doctor allegedly said.

"I thought you should inform me if there is any payment that is required of me to pay," Lim said in reply.

The doctor then retorted and said that "everyone knows that vaccines and vitamins" are not covered by insurance.

"Yes, I know that clearly but why did you give me a vaccine all of a sudden? And as you mentioned earlier, is a flu injection. How would I know it was a vaccine?" Lim told the doctor.

"It's okay. I know you can't afford to pay. You are poor, I know. It's okay, you can walk out without paying. I will complain to your company," the doctor said.

Not wanting to argue further, Lim paid the RM150 fee

"(There is) no point in debating whose financial is stronger or weaker, as we are seeking for treatment," Lim said.

"In the end, I made the payment RM150 not because I was scared but I wanted to get every evidence from their mistakes."

"But what about others? Others who (are) struggling for their life and get threatened by this kind of doctor? Where is the doctor's work ethics?"

At the time of writing, Lim's Facebook post has gone viral and received more than 1,500 shares.

Many netizens have also come forward to share their own experiences

According to them, this particular group of clinics has been receiving bad reviews from patients and the doctors working at the clinics are notorious for their bad service.

Image via Facebook

Do you think the doctor should be suspended from work for what he allegedly did? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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