Singaporean Driver Yells At Passengers Because Go-Jek App Showed Different Fare Rates

He has reportedly apologised for his "unnecessarily rude" behaviour.

Cover image via SG Road Vigilante

A video of a Singaporean Go-Jek driver recording himself arguing with passengers over fare rates has been circulating the Internet over the weekend

In the seven-minute video, the driver was seen yelling at an elderly couple because Go-Jek app had a glitch that showed different ride fares

In the video, the male passenger can be heard saying that his app indicated SGD14.10 (RM42) when he booked the ride.

However, the driver, who was identified as Aaron Heng, said that his screen showed the rate as SGD21.10 (RM64).

The passenger was seen on the phone explaining the issue to Go-Jek's customer service to get them to solve the problem

While he was explaining, Heng interrupts him several times by yelling to not "waste his time".

The argument gets more heated, as the passenger then replied: "I'm not saying you, I'm not arguing with you, I'm just telling the people (Go-Jek)..."

The driver then responded: "For SGD7 (RM21), you want to... I'm driving to earn my incentive, you know?"

The passenger then suggested to Heng to just drop them off instead. However, the driver replied that he cannot cancel the ride, as it will affect his acceptance rate.

"SGD7 (RM21) you wanna make an issue? Waste my time. You're driving Mercedes one is it?(sic)" the driver yelled at the couple.

As the elderly man continued to explain the issue to Go-Jek on the phone, Heng was seen shouting in the background saying, "Don't accuse me", "I'm not a millionaire like you", and "You think I want to cheat you of your money?"

At one point, the female passenger tried to calm him down by patting his shoulder.

In conclusion, the couple told the driver that they would pay SGD21.10 (RM64) and will settle the problem with Go-Jek at a later time

However, Heng then told them that if they bring it up with Go-Jek, the e-hailing service will then minus the SGD7 (RM21) from his account.

"Let me put it clear to you. Anything it becomes driver's problem. Always driver's problem. That is the problem. (sic)"

The male passenger then said to Heng that he should solve that issue with Go-Jek, while asking the driver what he wants to do instead. He also added that he will pay him the total of SGD21.10 (RM64) for the ride and settle it with Go-Jek.

The Straits Times reported that Heng wrote an apology on his Facebook four hours later on 30 March, which has since been deleted

He reportedly apologised for his behaviour which was "unnecessarily rude" and "not respectful" and lodged a police report on the same day.

"I cannot afford to lose this job. I've mouths to feed. (I behaved) in such a manner because I was accused of overcharging the passenger. I did not. It is the system," he added.

According to the report, a spokesman from Go-Jek said that the matter has since been resolved between both parties.

"We want everyone to have a good experience when they use our services, which is why we do not tolerate impolite behaviour by any of our users, be they driver-partners or riders," added the spokesperson.

You can watch a version of the video below:

30mar2019 updated the driver had been id to be Aaron Heng whom had no intention to post the video but was play out by his whatsapp grp chat friends here we have a self entitled gojerk driver which totally lack customer service & lost the plot. if you’re so unhappy with gojek, please do not drive for them. taking it out on the old couples which is trying to adapt to new tech is not the way to go. the old couple agreed to pay but will take it up with gojek later, which is proper. but you have to kickup such a fuss. video record & upload trying to shame them. by the way. its illegal to record incar footage unless driver have permission/ approval from lta

Posted by SG Road Vigilante - SGRV on Friday, March 29, 2019

In February, a Go-Jek passenger went viral for claiming that the driver was trying to kidnap her:

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