Influencer Reveals That Singapore Is So Safe That Foreigners Use iPhones To "Chup" Table

It's apparently common for Singaporeans to do so too.

Cover image via @glenn.goh (TikTok)

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A Singaporean influencer recently uploaded a TikTok video showing a couple of foreigners leave their iPhones unattended to reserve a table

The influencer, @glenn.goh, said that he witnessed the incident at a Starbucks in the PLQ Mall in Paya Lebar Quarter where the foreigners booked the table, or 'chup' as we say locally, while they left it to order their drinks.

"Singapore is so safe that two Koreans just left their phones to chup the tables instead of using a packet tissue," he said in the video's caption.

While the seven-second video may be shocking to us, it is nothing new for Singaporeans. In October, a former journalist and YouTuber, Uptin Saiidi, purposefully left his laptop at a café as a social experiment to see if the country was as safe as people claim.

After leaving his laptop for an hour, Uptin came back to discover that his device was completely undisturbed.

TikTok users flooded the video's comments section, expressing their feelings about leaving expensive items to chup a table

One user said that while they were on vacation in Singapore, they saw a local using their baby to reserve a table.

"[My family and I] stayed there after we finished our meal to make sure the kid was safe," said the user.

A Singaporean said that he also uses his car key to book tables.

Meanwhile, other users pointed out that they have witnessed similar occurrences in South Korea.

Watch the full video here:

@glenn.goh Singapore is so safe that the 2 Koreans just left their phones to chope the tables instead of tissue. #tiktoksg #fyp Made You Look - Meghan Trainor

Uptin uploaded a TikTok explaining possible reasons for Singapore's safety and low crime rates:

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