Singaporean Woman Who Made Racist Remarks On MRT Has Been Fired From Her Job

The YouTube channel she allegedly dedicated to accusing non-Chinese individuals of 'harassing' her has since been taken down.

Cover image via Aliff Daniel/CNA & Twitter

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A Singaporean woman who has gone viral for recording non-Chinese individuals and claiming that they harass her has been fired from her job

The announcement of the termination was made on property agency Knight Frank Singapore's Facebook page on Tuesday, 27 April.

In response to CNA's enquiries on Wednesday, 28 April, Knight Frank Singapore gave a name that is similar to the name of the woman's YouTube channel. Both of which have the surname Tan.

It was stated on the Facebook post that the conduct of an Associate of KF Property Network — a subsidiary of Knight Frank Singapore — was brought to the attention of the company earlier this week.

It said, "The company maintains zero tolerance for hate speech and racism that threatens the foundations on which Singapore is built."

YouTube has also taken down the channel that supposedly belongs to the woman

YouTube stated that it terminated a channel under the username Beow Tan because it violated the online video platform's harassment and cyberbullying policies, reported CNA.

Several videos featuring the 57-year-old woman were posted on the YouTube channel. The news channel stated that the earliest video available on the channel was uploaded back in December 2016.

It was previously reported that the channel hosted dozens of videos — allegedly taken by the woman — of people seemingly going about their day in public.

Most individuals in the videos are unaware that they are being recorded, while others who notice the woman recording them show slightly bewildered expressions.

The woman — who mostly doesn't say anything while recording the videos — claims in the captions of the videos that she was being assaulted or harassed by those around her.

The people whom she accused and recorded are often those of Malay or Indian ethnic backgrounds.

In a statement released by YouTube, a spokesperson said that, "We have strict policies that prohibit harassment on YouTube, including content that maliciously insults someone based on their race, gender expression, or sexual orientation."

Image via YouTube/SAYS

Tan's termination from her job comes after local police's investigations into an incident that took place last Wednesday, 21 April

The Singaporean woman went viral for videotaping a group of strangers in an MRT cabin and claiming that they were harassing her.

Following which, netizens found a YouTube channel filled with over 25 videos of non-Chinese individuals allegedly 'harassing' her.

Many netizens claimed her accusations do not hold water.

The 'Hwa Chong lady' only targeted Indians and Malays in her videos, claiming that they harassed her even though they were just going about their day:

Meanwhile, a local cafe recently banned a customer who made racist remarks against one of their staff: