Wah, Singlish Words Like 'Ang Moh' & 'Teh Tarik' Have Been Added To The Oxford Dictionary!

A total of 19 words have been to the dictionary's lexicon.

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Awhile back, we found out that the word 'lepak' is now a legit English word!

Now, the Oxford Dictionary has enlisted more words and phrases to its lexicon!

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In its quarterly update, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) have added a total of 19 'Singapore English' words to its lexicon. Some of the Singlish words listed are 'ang moh', 'char siu' and 'shiok'.

Food and drinks are also featured prominently among the new entries, including 'teh tarik', 'chilli crab', 'char siu' and 'sotong'

Cups of 'teh tarik'

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The word 'sotong' doesn't only refer to a cuttlefish, but also someone who's very clumsy or ignorant.

It is also acceptable to use the word 'Wah' in front of a sentence. According to OED, it is used to to express admiration, encouragement, delight and surprise, among others.

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The OED noted that while some of the words are also used in Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia, there were some formations in English that are used only in Singapore, like "sabo" ("to harm, inconvenience, or make trouble for (a person); to trick, play a prank on").

This is cool but dear OED, when are you going to add some Manglish words into your lexicon?!

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You can check out the full list of new Singlish words in the OED here.

Imagine trying to pronounce these words from the dictionary...

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